Current Physiotherapist of National Football Team of South Korea 조인혁

Dear readers,

My name is In-hyuk Jo. I am currently working at Korea Football Association (KFA) as National Football Team ‘s Rehabilitation trainer and physiotherapist. I designed this website during my final year of college to provide students of medicine, physiotherapy, physiotherapists alike and patients, with an interactive online video tutorial for manual mobilization of the spines and its self treatment techniques for my final project called Professional Assignment Project (PAP).

I personally believe that the most of musculoskeletal disorders do not occur all of the sudden but it occurs as piled up consequences from one’s habitual repetitive and constant inadequate ADLs behaviors for a long period of time. In this manner, I carefully assume that 2 to 3 times of physiotherapeutic intervention per week might not be enough session to regain all the functions back and free from their own complaints. Therefore, regular homework exercises in combination with physiotherapeutic intervention is strongly recommended these days in order to facilitate their recovery process. However, there is a tendency for some patients often forget or neglect the importance of homework exercises due to its complicated instruction or forgot how to perform it in a prescribed ways

By providing one of the most relevant and objective manual therapy techniques and its self treatment techniques I hope it will benefit all the therapists who are interested in it as well as spinal suffers.

If you have any comments about this website or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through the email address provided down below.

Email: inhyuk.jo82@gmail.com

Any comments or feedbacks are more than welcome.